Gift vouchers: Not just for Christmas

As a busy therapist it is easy to forget about the opportunities which arise from selling gift vouchers throughout the whole year.

You may fall into the trap of thinking gift vouchers are only suitable to market for the special events during the year – such as Christmas or Mother’s Day – but there are so many other opportunities to sell them.

Selling gift vouchers not only boosts your income, but also helps to introduce new clients to your treatment room.

All of your clients will have friends and family they want to buy gifts for. This may be for a birthday, to say ‘thank you’, or to provide the gift of ‘space and time’ if they are going through a difficult or challenging period in their life.

So, offering for sale gift vouchers makes good business sense. If you are not offering vouchers for sale in your treatment room, this is something worth adding to your business.

If so, you need to decide what type of vouchers you would like to promote. For therapists there are two types of vouchers you can sell: physical vouchers or e-vouchers.

I personally sell only physical vouchers, which I have printed by a local company, but plan to add e-vouchers this year. These can be ordered via my website using PayPal. Once an order is placed, they are delivered to the recipient, or they can be purchased in my treatment room. As an incentive I also offer free delivery to those who buy online.

Many therapists do sell e-vouchers in addition to physical ones, they are a great way of making last-minute sales if people have run out of time to wait for a delivery or visit your treatment room. They can capture those spontaneous and thoughtful purchases.

Whichever option you choose – either physical or e-vouchers – enjoy my top tips on how to make those sales and boost your income:

  1. Create a display for your vouchers in your treatment room – make it clear they are for sale, showing their price information;
  2. Don’t be afraid to tell clients about your vouchers at the end of a treatment (a great time is when they are about to pay);
  3. Promote them to your email database – make sure you do this throughout the year, and not just at Christmas;
  4. Promote them on social media. I recently did a story on Instagram with a picture of my vouchers and sold one within five minutes!
  5. Write a short blog about your gift vouchers; you could talk about them being plastic free – especially if you offer e-vouchers, or highlight the benefits of giving the gift of space and time. Make sure within the blog you insert the website link to direct them to where to buy a voucher. Remember, make this process easy for the person buying;
  6. Make sure your voucher page is up-to-date with the correct information. Make it easy for the person buying the voucher to access the information they need, such as do you charge a delivery fee, or what is the expiry date on the voucher?
  7. Set a target. I set a voucher sale target each year. Just setting this goal, keeps me focused and helps me to achieve the sales I need;
  8. Aim high. Don’t be afraid of promoting vouchers for a larger monetary value. I have for sale one for £100 and these do sell. My clients’ husbands tend to purchase these, as they know their wives love their treatments. Remember, if the larger monetary values are not there, your clients won’t know you sell them.

Let me know how you get on with your voucher sales this year, and any other tips you have for selling them in your treatment room.

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  1. I have never thought about E vouchers before. What a great idea and I could see how they could do well. Thanks Kelly.
    Not sure how to go about it though, is it just a case of creating one and then sending it out by email?

    1. Hi Claire, I am so pleased you have enjoyed the article. Many practitioners do send e-vouchers via email. They create a nice image to match their company branding and can then send them to the recipient. You could ask in the Love Reflexology group, to see how many people use them and what methods they use that work well. Kelly x

  2. Thank you Kelly. Wonderful reading and fabulous ideas. I think I sometimes we get a little lost in our true value and a little stuck in promoting our business.

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