The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a process of training your mind, body, and spirit to align to be able to go within and find that place of silent and still. Everyone has that place of silent and still within, and it is not about clearing your mind or quieting your mind, it is about actually going within to that place that is already silent and still.

To begin meditating one of the easiest ways is to set a timer on your phone for a minute and concentrate on your breathing, and find your natural rhythm for breathing, whether it is breathing in for a count of 4 and breathing out for a count of 4. You always want the count to be the same that comes in as goes out to achieve a balanced breathing state. And by breathing it allows to you to then expand your mediative state from one minute of breathing to 5 minutes and so on.

The benefits of meditation are enormous, from concentrating on your breathing this allows your body to relax into its natural state, to slow down, and is an easy way to bring yourself back into balance if you are stressed, or worrying about things. It helps to clear the mind for that moment while you are concentrating on your breathing. It helps diffuse negativity in the body and mind, and takes you out of that flight or fight response.

Another way to help start the practice of meditating is to listen to a guided meditation where someone is taking you on a journey, and then, even when your mind wanders you can just bring your mind back time and time again to the words as you listen.

Listening to a guided meditation for the time listened takes you on a journey, expands your awareness and offers you a heightened state of relaxation which benefits mind, body and spirit. Listening to a guided meditation can give you clarity and it can offer you a sense of purpose.

Meditation can be simply breathing for a minute or two, guided meditations, or going within to that place that is silent and still, but even then, with meditation there are layers upon layers of expansion, with practice, you can reach new heights of meditative states.

Meditation takes time and practice, but the perseverance pays off because it allows you to gain more clarity and focus in your life, it can help massively with relaxation, gaining calm and peace. But fundamentally meditation creates a state of well-being, opening within to the love and joy that starts in the heart, that then ripples out through mind, body and spirit.

Meditation awakens awareness.

Meditating daily can enhance your whole day with positive energy, hope and love.

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