Three Facial Reflexology and Tapping Tips To Reduce Stress

If you want to de-stress quickly Facial Reflexology is the perfect therapy, often calming in seconds it seems hard to believe… so, why not try it for yourself and see how you feel in your body.

Facial Reflexology works in a similar way to Foot Reflexology however, it has some additional benefits. You are working over muscles and nerve structures that when compressed can cause a number of conditions, so by manipulating and massaging those areas often the symptoms improve.

So, its quite exciting to know these techniques you are about to learn work on multiple levels and layers. Also, because of the close proximity of Facial Reflexology points to the brain, the response to stimulating them is almost instant.

There are two additional techniques included, tapping and applying cold ‘Cryo’ tools, which sends a calming re-set signal to the amygdala which controls the fight or flight response in the brain and evidence suggests this is the reason it might be beneficial for stress, anxiety and fear. 

“I know first hand, whilst working with a young client in the care of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital that psychologists use the technique of placing a cold ice cube in the palm of the hand to stop panic attacks[1]. It can work in 2-3 seconds! This method works with adults too, so with clinical evidence to support it, I have adapted the technique for use in Facial Reflexology.”

Tapping[2] also may not be what you’d expect to see in Facial Reflexology and it’s more commonly associated with EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. It stimulates both meridians and reflexology points though the percussion techniques, tapping in addition to Facial Reflexology and cold tools combines into a powerful self-care sequence you may want to work into your daily morning or evening rituals.

The Self-Care Sequence

The Self-Care Sequence by Ziggie Bergman.

I recommend trying this after washing your face in the morning or evening, ideally looking into the mirror.

1. Take your index or middle finger on each hand and tap lightly for approximately 7 times on each point following the illustration. Repeat this tapping round 3 times.

2. Using your thumbs press in and upwards on the Facial Reflexology occipital point under the eyebrows and the diaphragm points across both cheeks. Hold each point for 3 seconds and repeat 3 times.

3. Using two teaspoons, use the smooth back and place them on the larger point under the ears for 10 seconds. 

How do you feel now?

Share below how you felt following the sequence.

Article References

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Photograph Credits

The Self-Care Sequence Image is owned and copyrighted by Ziggie Bergman founder of Zone Face Lift.

Article Featured Image (this appears on the main articles page and not in the body of the above article): photograph credit Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash.

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