Self-care: The Benefits of Treatment Swaps

I must start by saying there are lots of you managing to do self-care far more successfully than I. I do so admire and applaud you, and I am learning to listen to you and to myself.

It has taken a long time!

But if you are reading this and are like me coming to ‘self-care’ rather late or feeling guilty about it, the old saying ‘better late than never’ may resonate.

I hope my more recent thoughts and experiences may evoke some food for thought and provide encouragement. Like so many of us, I have always been so enthusiastic and supportive to share the many benefits of self-care to others.

Thinking we are truly privileged to do the job we do, we work with a passion, and give and give, without worry or concern for ourselves; we don’t realise how it creeps up or should I say, how the tank empties!

I know mine certainly did.

I feel very privileged to be able to exchange therapy sessions regularly now, and have been doing this for a few years. Meeting and working with a fellow practitioner brings so many benefits, including:

  1. We know exactly how much giving our role requires and are able to empathise – there’s no need to try and gather that information;
  2. We share new techniques and much discussion before and following the touch of the therapy session (great for continued professional development);
  3. We have learned to truly switch off during the positive touch… no work talk just time for ourselves. My advice here is that is a skill worth pursuing;
  4. We are very respectful of each other’s way of working;
  5. We have developed a special friendship through our regular meetings and sharing. It’s interesting we do not see each other at any other time (apart from conferences) but I so look forward to our meet-ups – it really is a privilege;
  6. It involves our time and our skills and no hard cash!

Self-care exchanges with a fellow practitioner works for me, does it work for you?

If you are still feeling guilty or think you cannot make time, it’s not just that you are worth it – it is 100% necessary.

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  1. A lovely article Lorraine, which I’m sure many therapists will relate to… As I’m lucky enough to be your treatment swap partner, I’d just like to say that our monthly sessions really do make a difference to the way I feel and have enriched both my working and home life. I am able to relax much more easily now (as you know, I tend to fall asleep within 5 minutes of you touching my feet!) and I really value our chats and the time we spend together. Thanks for all that you do! xx

    1. Thank you for the lovely message Clare. I value our exchanges in so many ways.
      It’s great to beable to support each other through our sharing, discussion and importantly our touch.
      I’m loving hearing about so many therapists already swapping, it is reassuring but also hearing that we are encouraging some to consider the importance of self care and the value of therapy exchanges.

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