Top Tips for Working Energetically

Have you ever wanted to work more vibrationally or energetically?

Have you felt that there could be more that you can connect to?

It may be that you sense that these are things that you could be drawn to do, or have an instinctive ability for. 

Frequently practitioners report sensing and feeling all kinds of wonderful things, whilst it is common for clients to notice such a wide variety of sensations and other subtle indicators.

In my teaching about Gentle Touch Reflexology I encourage working vibrationally and energetically. 

Here are some of my tip tips:

(1) Follow Your Intuition

Give yourself permission to be guided in what might be the best way to work with a recipient of reflexology. If you get a sense that a super gentle or the lightest of touch in a particular place is something that you are drawn to do; give it a go and see what happens.  

(2) Brain vs Instinct

This is big one because sensing you need to touch a certain reflex point in a particular way may not make sense to your brain or have foundations in your education; however, it might just be the best thing for your client or contact. 

(3) Stay Okay Energetically Yourself

This is super important!

  • Check in with yourself;
  • Let your ‘stuff’ go;
  • Have an inner silence. 

(4) Work Gently

The human body is so much more than the physical body. It is made up of energy and we can sense and work with that too…. when we are extra gentle. Sometimes barely touching or not even touching at all. Clients think that you are still touching them when in reality you are working in their aura and not touching at all. 

(5) Flow – Energy Moves in Swirls

Let a flow occur in your movements. Allow a natural and rhythmical movement. It feels amazing! 

(6) Wait and Hold Space for Others

This can be transformational. Simply finding that you are touching a certain place on the hands, feet or face etc can be beautiful. You may have noticed that you have paused in a particular place. If you simply pause, hold and wait. Waiting is key. Sometimes shifts happen in the silence of non-movement.

(7) Work Lovingly

Love is the highest vibration of all so get yourself on the ‘love highway’. Love you, your recipient and reflexology . Love your life, where you are and what you are doing; this will get you on the ‘love highway’.

Be present; 

Be loving;

Stay aware;

Follow your instincts; 

Go with the flow. 

If you would like to know more about any of these points, please see my website for my courses, books and charts. 

Article Photograph Credit: Annie Sprat on Unsplash.

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