The Benefits of Making Time for Rest When Running a Business

When you run your own therapy business and love what you do, it is easy to work continuously and never take proper time out of your business.

It is tempting even after a day, or week of treatments to keep working your way through your never-ending to-do list, ticking things off until everything is complete – but let’s be honest, when you run your own business the list is never complete and there is always something you can do!

So, if you are waiting for the list to be complete before you feel like you have earned a rest, the reality is you may be waiting for a long time, and you may need to make a change to your mindset.

Rest days, time relaxing in the evening, and holidays are crucial to being self-employed; they will help you to reduce your stress levels, be successful, happy, creative, and create the balance you hoped being your own boss would create.

You don’t need to earn this time off, and you certainly don’t need to complete your to-do list before you enjoy it.

Enjoying rest days has many benefits which include:

Rest encourages recovery

As a therapist you understand the importance of rest and the positive impact it can have on both physical and mental well-being, and is something you will encourage your clients to do.

However, you may not always give yourself the same permission.

Giving yourself the same love you give to your clients and granting yourself permission to rest will allow your body and mind to release the stresses of the day, recover, and restore a balanced state.

It creates space for creativity

How many times have you been out walking, enjoying a shower, or relaxing on the sofa when new ideas for your business pop into your mind?

True rest like this away from distractions (and that includes stepping away from social media) is a wonderful way to create space and to let your ideas flow. It can also help you to become unstuck and look at new ways of viewing your work.

Entrepreneur Alex Soojung-Kim Pang shares: “Letting your mind wander is an extremely productive way of spending time.” 

So, if you want to develop ideas, think about projects, and become unstuck in your work – taking a rest day could actually be one of the most productive things you could do.

It restores a better work-life balance

When you became a therapist one of the reasons you may have decided to create your own business was to have more balance in your life, which would give you more flexibility and the freedom to do more of the things you love.

However, do you have the work-life balance you desire?

Or are you continually switched-on to your business and never feel truly rested?

If this is you, it is definitely time to prioritise some rest and to remember why you created your business.

Start by having tech-free nights and not responding to emails and messages on social media – enjoy an evening after treatments doing something to make you feel great. Remember you don’t have to be available to your clients 24/7.

Then go through your diary and block some rest afternoons or even book a whole week off, and make a commitment to restore your balance so you can feel great again.

Making time to rest will not only help to reduce your stress, restore your balance and make you feel fabulous, but will also benefit your clients as you will have much more energy to deliver the best treatments you can.

Do you make your rest a priority, or are you guilty of putting your business first?

Article Photograph Credit: Jen P. via Unsplash

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