Self-care with EMMETT Techniques for Reflexologists

Taking care of ourselves is so important if we want to have a long and comfortable career in Complementary Therapies.

A new member has been added to the EMMETT family of training courses.

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To add to the one-day course intended for everyone that wants to help themselves with self-care techniques, as well as family and friends, we now have a specialist course for Foot Care Professionals in conjunction with Ross Emmett, the Australian therapist and Founder of the EMMETT Technique.

Two UK based EMMETT Practitioners have been combining their wealth of experience to benefit fellow therapists.

Judith Johnson and Carol Fisher have been running the Specialist Foot Care Professionals Course since early 2019, and it will soon be rolling out across the UK and the rest of the world once Covid-19 allows.

The first day is a general introductory day which contains ten techniques for around the body, and the second day contains six additional techniques that focus on the lower leg and feet.

What is the EMMETT Technique?

A safe, simple to apply, light touch body therapy, it is gentle and easy on the body and hands of the practitioner. Using light pressure, the technique works on unique points within the muscles and muscle groups, triggering a relaxation response in the soft tissues of the body, resulting in the feeling of improved comfort and well-being. These unique points are present all over the body, and therefore the therapist can target the area of concern.

Carried out sitting, standing or lying down; on skin or through clothing; the relaxation response is usually immediate.

One of the really useful things for professional therapists is that the technique can be simply and quickly applied for self-care, to keep the body moving comfortably. 

Another feature is that the EMMETT Technique can be integrated with most other therapies. It is a truly complementary therapy, with many diverse therapists, medical and exercise professionals learning EMMETT to add to their skills, combining the techniques to enhance their results.

Introductory courses and professional courses are available to help people, horses and dogs. More specialist courses are also being planned.

Self-help EMMETT Technique for you to Learn

One of the self-care techniques taught on the Introductory Day is for discomfort in the area around the neck. The neck muscle that we work on is called Sterno-Cleido-Mastoid – great name! We use SCM for short.

Having watched many reflexologists at work over the past few years, one of the problem areas can be in the neck, due to the forward head position that many adopt. In a busy practice, this can be for hours on end for a full working week.  Even when full of good intentions for maintaining a good posture, often that chin out, head forward position creeps back. This is when this EMMETT Technique can help you.

Please use this link and password and receive the SCM technique, which is free for you to use when you need it – but only when you need it. It is not a technique to over use. SCM url

Password – emmett123


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