Lockdown and How it Changed My Business

At the beginning of March, I had just taken on a new room and contract at a gorgeous new therapy centre, which I loved!

Then Boris delivered his ‘non-esssential contact’ news brief.

This sent me into waves of stress, uncertainty and anxiety.

None of my clients were cancelling on me, and I was constantly checking into community conversations like Love Reflexology, and talking to my colleagues about whether we should stop work….was I ‘non-essential contact’?

The next day I made the decision to cancel clients and to temporarily close Calm Therapy.  Some understood and some were disappointed. 

Even if I had decided to carry on working, the stress of the situation would have been too much for me.  I was also being asked to pay a months rent, to get out of the new contract I’d just taken on at the new treatment room. 

This was traumatic.  I felt so ill.  I could feel the stress dumping into my body. My mind was going into overdrive and I could hardly breath!

Then I had to stop myself and say ‘hang on a minute…I’m in this totally stressed state.  I spend my life practising  self-care and teaching it to my clients.  I’ve got to turn this around.  I can’t just sit here letting the stress take over like an illness’.

So, I spent a day using reflex points on my hands, EFT sequence and breath work.  It didn’t feel like anything was shifting while I was working through these sequences.  I still felt ill, but I kept going.

It wasn’t until the next morning I woke up and felt so much clearer, brighter and energised.  My situation hadn’t changed but energetically I certainly had!

As I woke up an idea came into my head. 

Conversations with Calm Therapy.  I would interview a series of complementary therapists and business owners.

I needed a new focus and to keep social. 

It would also keep the business community connected, and keep me and my interviewees present on social media.

I’d ask each guest the same three questions based on how to cope with sudden change, how to manage our reaction to fear and how to move forward.  I also ask each guest for rituals or activities we can do during lockdown.

It’s with the aim of helping viewers gain a new positive outlook, improve their health and immune system, and gain focus and clarity of mind – which is super important during times of stress.

The main aim of Conversations with Calm Therapy, was to create connection, communication and raise the vibration as we went into lockdown.

Since then I’ve gone on to interview a variety of people.  Some I knew already, some I’ve connected with online and have been delighted to take part in my project.

Guests have included:

A female belted kickboxing champion;

An Acupuncturist;

A business strategist;

A Shamanic Healer;

A Breath Work Facilitator;

A Business Coach;

And more!

Looking back, I’ve always had an idea in my head to bring therapists together and create some kind of directory.  Conversations with Calm Therapy is a version of it.

Some of my guests have even gained work out from people watching these interviews.

Conversations with Calm Therapy is now a YouTube channel and may go on to become a Podcast.

Converesations with Calm Therapy

Soon the conversation will be changing with a new set of three questions.

This project has not directly brought money in, but it has kept all participants present on social media. It is great content that I can also use on my blogs.

What’s next?

I’ve spent time re-training.

I’ve gained my EFT certificate, and this summer I will have gained my Mindfulness Coach and Leader Certificate.

This is with the aim of building more of an online client base, and also to provide a mindfulness programme to sell in the workplace, to help with burnout and also disputes.

A local women’s group asked me to record a video about reflexology.  They watched it, then they invited me to join their monthly Zoom group for a Q&A session.  They paid me for it!

I am now trying to sell the same video to Women’s Institute groups, with the same set up of Q&A for a fee.

I am also running my first online holistic facial workshop in June! This will promote my Facial Reflexology skills. I charge a small fee for people to join, which can be redeemed against a full-priced online or treatment room session.

Online 1-1 Facial Reflexology sessions will be coming soon along with more workshops.

There are more plans ‘in the pipeline’ but it’s baby steps while coming out of lockdown.

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  1. I really liked to know how you are dealing with this difficult period that we are going through. An example for those who might think about giving up. What we have to do is change. If something is not working, let’s stop, take a break and think about new ways of working. Congratulations Jane. I loved your testimony. Success. (I’m sorry if something wasn’t written well. I’m using the Google translator. My English is not very good.) Jehovah bless you! Rose

    1. Thank you Rose for taking the time to comment. I am so pleased you enjoyed Jane’s article. I completely agree, it is so important to take time to stop, re-evaluate, make any necessary changes and explore new ways of working. Although it can be daunting at first, it can be very exciting and present lots of possibilities and opportunities. Stay safe, Kelly x

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