Gentle Touch Reflexology: An Introduction

Sue Ricks, founder of Gentle Touch Reflexology – shares an introduction to the method and it’s history.

There are so many beautiful and effective things about Gentle Touch Reflexology (GTR) because it is ideal for all ages. There is an intentional and energetic side to GTR, as it involves connecting to the emotional and energetic aspect of the person and their life as well as to the definitively physical. 

Gentle Touch Reflexology came about as a result of integrating some of the more vibrational practices that I was using, with more gentle reflexology techniques that used less pressure than was originally taught and practiced in the UK. 

The name arose from the integration of vibrational approaches and wanting to find a way to describe what Gentle Touch Reflexology is to any member of the public who wished to receive it, or for practitioners who wanted to know about the gentle way of doing reflexology. 

GTR is such a gentle form of reflexology as it soothes from deep within the person. There is no thumb or hand pressure, it’s a kind treatment for both parties.  Some recipients may believe that the session cannot be happening as the touch is so minimal and then when their mind or body responds, they react with surprise and delight.

So many practitioners who have experienced GTR for the first time are amazed at how much they can feel and sense, and yet it is also so delightful to do as well as receive. 

It is a fact of life that we all experience times when we may feel we have to behave or are pushed around in some way. One of the greatest things about GTR is that it encourages both parties (practitioner and participant/client) to honour who and how they are without relying on any strict protocols, whilst being able to be totally adaptable to each client.  The results are often staggering and brings a wonderful sense of connection between both parties. Only some of this can be explained, but always experienced at the most personal of levels.

There is no pain or discomfort when receiving GTR. This is why it is so effective and appropriate for using for the very young, the elderly or really unwell. It is also highly effective for healthy adults too. There is something for everyone. 

Gentle Touch Reflexology is totally client focused and client led, as it is about the client and not the condition; therefore we seek permissions and make offerings in GTR. It is a beautiful thing. 

Over the last 30+ years GTR and the therapeutic approach has really evolved as my awareness and understanding has grown and evolved too. It is lovely to be updating constantly.

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