Functional Reflex Therapy: Walk Every Day With A Different Hat

At the beginning of November I set myself a little challenge to get out and about and walk every day. So many of us are doing just that, and it is a great opportunity for a little reflection time and support for our own well-being.

Some days I get out quite late and it’s dark; some days I manage a quick brisk lunch time route. During the week it may be as little as a mile, but at the weekends I’ve really enjoyed some long rambles and found some great circular countryside routes from my doorstep.   

I am having a little fun by adding ‘walk every day with a different hat’ (with no apologies) as a way of giving a shout out for my love for reflexology – and particularly Functional Reflex Therapy, its many pathways, and the FRT Global Project.

Mind you, sourcing 90 hats… that is a bit of a challenge, but so far, so good!

I have to say I am finding that each day I am looking forward to my walks – working out when I can fit them in – and I am receiving some lovely messages on social media about the fun of the hats 😊

Thank you for that, everyone.

For the last few years since the FRT Global Project Zambia started in 2017, I always have it on my mind. I am delighted with the way the schools, staff and pupils are embracing the development of the FRT Rainbow Relaxation Programme.

Working with my education colleagues in the Southern Province, we hope it can continue to grow and evolve. Let’s hope the world circumstances will settle soon, and we can all begin to move forward in a positive way, and rebuild relationships through positive nurturing touch.

As many of you know FRT loves rainbows – and currently in the making are many rainbow hats to accompany the FRT team in 2021 – for some of the young people at St Mulumba School in Choma.

It will be winter in Zambia when we hope to return next July, so the hats will be put to great use, along with many other resources we carry – let’s hope we can find some space for them (we might have to wear them).

If anyone would like to read more about the FRT Global Project and enjoy a little flavour of the work with the two short videos please visit:

Have a look through the website and see how and why the rainbow is so important for FRT – and drop any questions my way.

Lorraine 😊

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