Five Tips for Growing Your Mailing List

Many therapists struggle to achieve, or maintain, momentum in their business. Some months may be quieter than others, leaving you anxious, whilst some are busier, leaving you drained. Even if you’re fully booked today, there’s never a guarantee that you will be tomorrow.

Acquiring customers is a long-term objective – and it never stops. So, it’s important to turn new customers into repeat customers. Repeat customers can often become your most loyal customers and in time become advocates for you, by spreading the word on your behalf.  

A mailing list is a great way to nurture your customers on this journey.

By growing a list in a considered (and GDPR compliant) way you’re locking value into your business and providing security for the future. 

I’ve grown a small mailing list (via Mailchimp) for my reflexology business, and a much larger one (via Klaviyo), for my product-based business, Pillowsprays.

Here are my 5 tips for growing your mailing list:

(1) Understand the importance of having a list and think about what you hope to achieve from it. 

Are you quiet in the summer even though the bills are still coming in? Perhaps you could run promotions in certain months.

Do only a small number of your clients become repeat clients? Perhaps you could collect clients’ dates of birth and offer a birthday discount (make sure you do this in a GDPR compliant way).

Maybe you’re changing premises and you just want to make sure you have email addresses, so you can bring your customers with you?

(2) Don’t be shy about asking clients if you can stay in touch. 

As long as you’re compliant in the way you collect, store and use information, clients will generally be happy to hear from you. You’ll be giving people an unsubscribe option and your list will naturally ebb and flow – so don’t take it personally if someone unsubscribes.

(3) Grow a list in a way that works for you. 

Some of us are more ‘tech-savvy’ than others – but many mailing list services provide automated templates (newsletters, sales, blog formats etc.) so, it’s often easier than you think.

I still use a trusty pen and paper in my treatments, and then transfer the necessary contact details and consents into MailChimp.

If you have a website, a pop-up box offering a one-off discount if they subscribe to your newsletter is a great way to entice potential clients onto your mailing list.

(4) Use your mailing list.

Use your list to educate, inform and inspire your audience.

Remind them you’re still there and ready to take a booking.

Discounts and promotions work too, if that’s right for you.

Keep your clients updated at a regular frequency, which you can stick to. Time constraints may define how much effort you can put into this, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t keep on top of it. 

(5) Spread the word

If you, your website, and social media profiles, don’t mention your mailing list you’re missing opportunities to grow your business.

People need to know your mailing list exists, so don’t be afraid to tell them!

On social media especially, we often need to be told something several times before taking it in – so don’t worry about repeating yourself.

Do you have a mailing list for your business?

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