Everyday Positivity by Maria Bowbanks

Everything is energy. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and moods all get affected by energy. Whether it is your energy or you are picking up on someone else’s energy, which could be a family member or a client, there are so many ways energy can affect you.

If you are generally optimistic, and the glass is always half full, you can look at life with a positive mindset everyday. But if you find you waver and can sometimes be a glass half empty person bordering on negative thoughts, this type of mindset can affect everything around you and your thoughts, feelings, emotions and moods.

But it is simple to change your mindset to a positive mindset, and what time to do it but at the start of January 2023, going into the new year with a positive mindset.

Think Positive – Become Positive – Be Positive

The more positive you are, the more positivity you will attract to yourself as energy follows thought. What you think is what you create, so if you can think positively – have a positive mindset, you become positive, live positively, and attract positivity. There are many techniques to being positive every day, but the most fundamental essence is choice, knowing you have the choice to change. Life is all about choice and the decisions you choose to make.

A Simple Technique to Being Positive

If you say the following every day for six months, you will see a difference in your mindset, and you can achieve a positive mindset if you choose to:

Say “I am Positive” 3 times very quietly

Say “I am Positive” 3 times quietly

Say “I am Positive” 3 times a little louder.

Saying ‘I am Positive’ nine times in total, there is universal power behind the number nine, and saying ‘I am Positive’ in the present tense instils the belief that you are positive. Even though you might not initially feel positive or believe you are positive, by beginning to say ‘I am Positive’, you are beginning to affect the energy in your space to one of positivity.

Empower Yourself with Positivity

By choosing to think positively, this positivity radiates in your energy and empowers you. And following your intuition and making the right choices for you empowers you. Being positive helps you to make those decisions, to know what is right for you, and to live positively every day.

And if you would like more simple techniques to Empower yourself with Positivity every day, check out my Spirit Wellbeing Cards.

Maria 😊💛

Photograph Credit: Fuu J on Unsplash.

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