Embracing a Location Change

Movement and Change: it is the most natural thing in the universe.

However, it is the degree of change that can throw things out of balance. A change in location can be huge. So how can you adjust your business to a new location with ease and flourish?

Some considerations for your relocation and re-establishment:

Physical – It can be exhilarating. Engage in your new surroundings; produce a new look and colour scheme, and reflect yourself in a unique space. Get out and about, find an accountant, and remember to check local regulations and requirements.

Emotional – Self-care can be incorporated with engaging in your new community. A treatment swap with another therapist can be a lovely opportunity to forge a professional relationship and get to know new colleagues. Time to yourself can reset your buttons, listening to podcasts is like having a like-minded colleague in the room and can be inspirational.

Mental – Form a new business plan. It’s a great time to reassess, refresh and renew. Is it time to focus on a certain area, expertise and your speciality, CPD and training in an area that you are passionate about will naturally shine through your business.

Spiritual – Follow those instincts and hunches. The challenge could be just what you need for your personal growth. Step out of your comfort zone and try a new way to reach potential participants for your business. Consider attending conferences and shows to be enlightened in new areas, and to keep up-to-date in your profession.

Embrace the Change – Use resources in your professional community. The professional associations have groups and referral pages to help you to find new connections. The media platforms are amazing for business ideas, reaching out to local groups and for finding specific expert assistance – for example: website design, business mentoring, business card and flyer printing.

Go with the flow – If your business is slow, see it as an opportunity to engage in different strategies, flexibility is the key. Present yourself to local groups, offer a talk and demonstration, you can also present your business to your local health care centres.

Best wishes to you, and we hope that your business soars.

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