Declutter this Spring

Spring is the season to declutter. You can see nature around us, as it starts to blossom with signs of new life.  It is a fresh start after a cold winter spell. In a similar manner decluttering your treatment room is a good start to spring, for new beginnings. 

We get used to clutter around us, especially if it has been there for a while and we forget how it feels to have clear space. An open expansive space is a magnet for abundance regardless of its size. It is all a matter of perspective.

Accept this invitation to put on your lens of decluttering and allow the energy to flow in your body, mindset and treatment room this spring.

Declutter your Body 

Let us start with ourselves first. We are what we eat so let us consider what is stuck in our body which is weighing us down.

Select one thing that you feel is not conducive to your health and give it up for a few weeks. Journal how you feel before and after and evaluate whether it is worthwhile to include this in your diet at all.

You may want to try and follow a gluten-free diet. Another way of decluttering your body is substituting one meal a day to a vegan one. Fasting is another way to declutter your body. This may be through intermittent fasting which involves eating during certain hours of the day and abstaining from eating the remaining hours. Juicing or a raw food diet is also another way of fasting which deprives the body from any cooked and processed food. 

(Please consult a health professional before embarking on any of these dietary change suggestions to rule out any health risks).

Declutter your Mindset

We all know when we have a lot in our minds which affects our capacity to carry out our day-to-day activities. When your mind is preoccupied it even affects our sleep.

We are very good as therapists at telling our clients what to do, but do we do it ourselves? Let us start putting into practice what we tell others and lead by example.

Journaling is a wonderful way to declutter your mindset. It allows us to transfer our worries and concerns on paper which automatically helps to create boundaries.  Click here – to subscribe to my monthly newsletter which includes journal prompts and a link to my free self-care and gratitude journal.

Declutter your Space

Physical clutter has an affect on how we think, feel and behave. It is key to take time off to assess what is in our treatment room that we have not used or even looked at in months. 

We may offer a variety of services for which we need different tools and equipment. So perhaps we can organise our room in such a way that we have access to what we need regularly and the rest is stored.

Alternatively it may be that we have never had an enquiry for a particular service, so perhaps it may be a better idea to get rid, donate or sell the corresponding equipment. 

Our treatment room may have multiple uses so investing in storage to keep things separate may be a source of decluttering. This may appear superficially counterintuitive but in reality it gives you an opportunity to create boundaries and systematically organise things. 

The key is to make a list of what we have not used in the last six months and ask yourself honestly, will you use it in the future or not. Sincerely answer that question and if you will not use it, give it to charity, sell it or give it to someone who may need it. There is no need to hoard and keep objects that you do not use.

Clutter attracts stagnation of energy which is counterproductive to your role as an advocate of well-being.

If you need help to declutter or redesign your treatment room and/or home office please email me on and explore my interior design offering.

Photograph Credit: Assem Gniyat on Unsplash.

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