Christmas Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Income and Support Your Clients

Would you like to boost your income and support your clients during the Christmas period?

This year has continued to challenge everyone (our reflexology community included) and many of you will have supported clients experiencing higher stress levels who need the time and space to unwind.

As you approach your Christmas marketing, remember your clients need your support more than ever.

How could you support them and boost your income?

Remember to think about what your clients are going through and how you can help them.

What problems you can solve?

No matter what your diary has looked like in previous years, there are opportunities for you to boost your income before and after Christmas, fill your diary, and support your clients.

Please enjoy my top tips which have been successful for me:

1) Create a Christmas Gift Guide

You will be familiar with these from bigger High Street and online retailers, but you can do them too!

For example you could:

  • create an email gift guide showcasing your vouchers and any products you sell. Detail who they would be ideal for and how they could support them. For example a gift voucher could give a loved one the gift of calmness, if they have been experiencing stressful times recently. Don’t forget to add a website link so people can buy them easily;
  • create a gift guide blog on your website which can be read by anyone who visits;
  • create a series of social media posts with gift ideas from your guide – make sure you tell your followers how they can buy the items showcased, and who they would be ideal for. If you sell products which can be sold to a national or international audience, your social media pages will provide an incredible opportunity to reach a larger audience to boost your income.

2) Promote Your Vouchers

After a very challenging year many people have experienced high stress levels and are looking for ways to unwind to support their well-being and that of their loved ones.

Your gift vouchers provide the perfect solution for someone looking for a thoughtful and unique gift!

You can promote your vouchers in a number of places including:

  • the treatment room – create a beautiful display to showcase them to your clients;
  • on social media – make sure you post about them more than once, as people do their Christmas shopping at different times;
  • your newsletter;
  • your blog;
  • local publications.

Wherever you promote them, don’t forget to tell people how they can buy them to make the process as easy as possible for your customer.

3) Create a Winter Treatment

Instead of feeling tempted to discount your treatments in November, December and even January to boost your diary bookings, consider offering a winter treatment, which is the full price or even more depending on what you include.

Remember clients need to be nurtured – what could you create to help support them?

Ideas could include:

  • a warm foot bath;
  • hot towels;
  • eye mask;
  • candlelit room.

Let your imagination and creativity flow to create a nurturing winter treatment to attract clients to your treatment room.

If this treatment is successful in the build-up to Christmas, you could even continue it in January and February during the colder months.

By implementing one or more of the above ideas into your therapy business you could boost your bookings and your income, whilst providing the supportive service you love to your clients.

Which idea(s) will you try?

If you would like support to create a marketing plan or to develop your ideas further please contact me to book one of my mentoring packages to work on your business.

Image credit: With thanks to Priscilla Du Preez

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