Choosing a CPD Course: Top 5 Tips

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses are an important part of your professional development, once you become a qualified reflexologist and are an integral part of your business.

Many professional associations insist on their members achieving a designated amount of CPD points each year, with course attendance being one way to achieve them.

Attending a CPD course can help you to: grow as a business owner, keep your existing skills up-to-date, learn new techniques, and deepen your knowledge – all of which can in turn enhance your treatments, provide opportunities to network and make friends, as well as inject new energy and passion into your business.

With the rise of social media advertising, reflexologists now have a greater choice of courses than ever before, so how do you choose what is right for your business and development?

Where should you invest your time and income?

(1) Target Client – Think about your target client, does the course content connect with them? Is the content relevant to your business? Will it enhance your treatment further and deepen your knowledge?

(2) Insurance/Professional Association – Check that the CPD course you are considering meets the needs of your professional association and/or insurance.

(3) Attendance Certificate – If the course provides an attendance certificate rather than CPD points, decide if this course would enhance your own personal development and interests. Would it be a good networking opportunity?

(4) CPD Points – Establish how many CPD points you would achieve after completing the course.

(5) Further Study – Check if the course requires further study or case studies to be completed before the CPD points can be earned; be honest about how much time you can commit to make sure you can complete all the requirements.

CPD course opportunities are a fabulous way to learn, grow, develop and inject new energy into your business.

Whichever course you choose, use the list above to choose the one which is right for you and your business.

Enjoy and have fun.

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