Auras: Colour Your Wellbeing to Happiness

Within this article Maria Bowbanks, founder of Spirit Wellbeing, explores Auras – Colour Your Wellbeing to Happiness: What is an Aura, and How Can Using Colour Make a Positive Change to Your Life.

What is An Aura?

An aura is a colour energy field surrounding the planet and everything in it. The aura around the physical body usually is in the shape of an egg and radiates out about two to three feet when it is contracted, and up to 40 to 50 feet when it is expanded. The aura is made up of varying colours of energy that flow around the body, and the colours vary according to the individual. Each person’s aura has a different pulse, vibration and harmonic. The aura also stores historical information about a person. 

The number of colours in an aura will vary depending on an individual; likewise, the meanings of the colours can alternate depending on the shade of the colour. For example, a colour can show a person has healing qualities, or that they require healing, or a combination of both.

Whereas the colours in the aura can define a person’s personality traits, their strengths that can be honed into, to help them make the most of their attributes. The colours also in an aura can show areas of stress, fatigue, and illness be that emotional or physical which can overlay other colours in an aura. 

With every negative comes the balance of the positive, and with colour, it can be used to make a positive change in life. 

If you need a boost of happiness, imagine you are standing under the sun, and for a moment or two, imagine this sunshine yellow colour flowing into you and around you, filling your space with sunshine yellow for a boost of happiness. Being happy brings positivity into daily life.

If you need more clarity and calm, imagine a pale-blue blanket, like sky-blue on a summer’s day, wrapping around you – almost like this sky-blue blanket is hugging you – and just take a deep breath and imagine breathing in this sky-blue colour, and with each inward breath your space is filling with sky-blue giving you a moment of calm. Being calm enhances positivity.

If you need to love yourself, imagine a pale-pink silk shawl wrapping around you and over the heart, and just imagine your whole space is filling with this pale-pink colour. One of the most positive changes to make in life is to love oneself.

Infusing one’s aura with colour can make all the difference to emotional and physical wellbeing.

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Article Photograph Credit: Fuu J

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