5 Ways Equilibrio Retreats Can Help Boost Creativity and Productivity

As the new year gets under way, many of you will be turning your minds to continuing professional development (CPD) in 2024.

What will support you to develop as a professional while also providing value for money? 

Equilibrio Retreats tick these boxes and many more besides.

(1) Specialise and Develop

Each retreat is built around a theme and has a special guest teacher who is an expert in that field, providing you with new skills and techniques. We explore the theme using different modalities to broaden your knowledge base, your ability and confidence to support your clients holistically.

The opportunity to specialise in an area that interests you, such as pain or women’s health, has a direct impact on expanding your business in a satisfying way.

(2) Integrate New Techniques

Treatment swaps and sharing sessions offer a fantastic way to integrate new techniques into your practice, to receive feedback, to inspire and be inspired by different treatment styles and ways of working.

Over the week you may choose to do a number of swaps and really connect with the benefits of receiving reflexology, which also adds a deeper confidence to your marketing and promotional work. 

(3) Time for Self-Care

Your own state is so important for both your creativity and your productivity. If you are stressed or burnt out, it becomes harder to think flexibly and to really hear what people are telling you, and this will include your clients. It can become difficult to prioritise your own self-care and, in turn, to fully support others. 

We aim to support you in your own self-care, so you can ‘fill your cup’ and find the balance in your own nervous system, supporting vagus nerve activation through optional activities such as massage, singing, swimming in the outdoor pool, yoga, breath-work, and laughter.

You will have the opportunity over a whole week to really practise what you preach, with time to think about how you can realistically fit self-care into your own life, so that you can more easily support that in your clients.

(4) Time to Share

Everyone comes to share, learn and connect, creating a fertile ground for inspiration and a safe space to share the challenges your business may bring you with people that really understand.

Conversations over dinner, around the pool, or in the centre’s tranquil lounge area can affirm what you already know and boost your confidence as a reflexologist.

These conversations also spark ideas of new specialisms or courses you would like to explore, business ideas to try out back home, ways of moving forward that only space away from life’s pressing responsibilities can allow. 

(5) Time for You

Our retreats provide the opportunity for you to completely rest, and maybe to recover from giving so much to others. The beautiful, natural surroundings, not to mention the delicious nutritious, vegetarian food (and distinct lack of washing up!), put you into the perfect frame of mind to unwind and really leave your cares behind for a while.

You will be looked after and nurtured and will receive as much as you need, so that you are ready to go home and be the wonderful reflexologist that you are, with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.

Article Photograph Credit: Elise Wilcox via Unsplash.

At the time of writing the article Equilibrio are paid members of the Love Reflexology Directory.

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