World Reflexology Week: A Time to Share

World Reflexology Week presents an incredible opportunity for all reflexologists and tutors around the world to share and showcase this amazing treatment with the public.

Some ways you can share what reflexology is and how it can support your clients include:

  • Hosting taster treatments;
  • Giving a talk to a local group (this could be online or in-person);
  • Writing a blog;
  • Contacting a local radio station to talk about reflexology;
  • Sharing information on your social media pages.

There has never been a better time to promote reflexology as more people are seeking out ways to boost their well-being following the challenging few years everyone has lived through. My treatment room has welcomed more new clients this year than ever before!

If you would like to promote reflexology and your business during WRW, you have a couple of weeks before the event to plan and also create your social media posts.

Whilst you are planning your social media posts think about what information you want to share with your followers, how you can solve their problems and what your goals are.

Here are some ideas to get you started….

(1) Start of World Reflexology Week – post one – tell people about the event and that you will be sharing more over the coming days.

(2) Post twoΒ – tell them why you became a reflexologist – share your story. Your followers will love to hear this and learn more about the person they visit, or may visit for a treatment. You can view my story here.

(3) Post three – share some cool facts about reflexology – or bust some of those myths that are out there!

(4) Post four – show off your treatment room. Show them where the reflexology magic happens and where they will relax. Sharing your space is so important as some potential clients may be nervous and this can put them at ease about what to expect. Don’t forget to share details about how they book in with you (remember your goals).

(5) Post five – you could share a client testimonial to end the week, run a competition to win a treatment (don’t forget to check Meta’s guidelines if you do this), or say thank you to your followers – something to end the week on a high.

When planning your World Reflexology Week content remember to make sure it will connect with your local audience, that it matches your goals, and of course showcases how incredible it is.

I would love to see your posts during World Reflexology Week, so feel free to tag me in to them on Facebook and Instagram.

Good luck and have fun showcasing reflexology and your business.

Kelly x

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  1. Thank you for the tips. I think I will use them, just as you wrote them down:) Personally post two will be the hardest, since it’s really personal story, but I think it will be really good to let it out. I will definitely tag you. All the best

    1. I am so pleased you have found the tips helpful for World Reflexology Week. When sharing your personal story, share what you feel comfortable with – remember you don’t have to reveal every detail. Good luck and I will look forward to reading your post, Kelly

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